For the final project you are free to choose a topic of your interest and a medium you want to work with. Deadline: lesson 14, May 8. This year for our public exhibit we will install everyone’s work at studio space GHL, Gravenstraat 63, Middelburg.

A few ideas:

It’s important to create a clear outline of your project but still leave enough space to experiment. The process is as important as the end result. Your work can be anything, a song, a written text, a series of photo’s, a performance, drawing, painting, sculpture...

The method of working should follow the following order:

First write down some keywords and associations. Formulate some questions about your subject.

Second: Do some research, find artists designers who have worked on the same subjects. What makes their work special? What is their approach?

Start sketching, further develop your ideas, different strategies, what works best? Think about the presentation as well. Where and in what kind of space should your project ideally be shown? Make some sketches, 2D or scale models of this space.

Document the different steps towards the final realization, also include your thoughts and reflections